Spacious living room

Pictured is the living room of the property located at 304 Lakeshore Road in the town of Oswego. The interior of the house is spacious, and was designed to take advantage of the view of Lake Ontario.

OSWEGO — Longtime Oswegonians may remember the bar Nunzi’s, which sat a few feet from Lake Ontario in the Town of Oswego.

That site was bought in 2004 by Fred Raynor, who tore down the bar structure and built what is now one of the most expensive homes in Oswego County, and it’s for sale. The asking price: $1.2 million.

The property features three full baths, three bedrooms, garage space for seven cars, a swim-in-place pool, and a tower with a spiral staircase overlooking the lake, known as the “lighthouse.” The house was designed by Raynor’s wife, Penny.

Penny designed the house to have as much view of the water as possible wherever one goes. The master bedroom and bathroom are situated with a particularly good sight of the lake, giving way to sunset views. The bathroom contains a massive, heated whirlpool tub.

Entering the house through the front set of double-doors, one is greeted by the kitchen, with two refrigerators, two dishwashers and counters designed to be at arm-level. Penny Raynor made them this way to limit the amount of bending over one has to do to cook.

To the right are an office and a large living room with massive windows overlooking the lake. To the left are the dining room, bedrooms, the garage, and the laundry room.

The garage has room for seven cars, which Raynor made use of being that he was the former owner of a car dealership, Raynor Ford, in Fulton.

Going through the kitchen and opening a set of doors brings you to an unheated area of the house, and a spiral staircase. This is the area known as the lighthouse. Being that the house served as a summer home for the Raynors, the lighthouse does not get many visitors in the winter. The steps of the spiral staircase area each individually cut. They lead to the top, which has windows on all sides and an outdoor deck area with a view of the top of the house, the surrounding property and the lake.

From there one can see the remnants of the property’s past. A clam shed used by the former Nunzi’s bar still stands on a hill adjacent to the house, and there is a stage that was once used for live music. It played host to such acts as .38 Special and Pat Benatar.

Elsewhere on the property are apple and cherry trees, a pond, a two-bedroom house that could serve as a caretaker’s house or be rented, and more than 1,300 feet of lakefront. Leading up to the house is an inconspicuously placed driveway that’s a quarter-mile long. There is a dock, for boating fans, and a fire pit outside for the summer months.

The interior of the house is spacious, but it was designed to be looked out of, to admire the nearby lake. With more than 130 windows, the lake is never far out of view when visiting the property of 304 Lakeshore Road in the Town of Oswego.

The property’s sale is being managed by Coldwell Banker, and real estate agent James Gamble said the house is one of the higher-end homes he has dealt with in his career. 

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