Oswego Speedway team to give back to the community, aid local farmers with Upstate Niagara Cooperative Milk Drive on Friday, May 22

Racers at the Indianapolis 500 traditionally celebrate, seen above, with a bottle of milk. Oswego Speedway teams will follow that example and give away more than 500 gallons this Friday.

OSWEGO — The frontstretch of Oswego Speedway will play host to a milk drive at noon Friday, May 22, to give back to the community and benefit area farmers, specifically the Upstate Niagara Cooperative corporation based in Rochester.

Six drivers — Joe Gosek, Brandon Bellinger, Tim Snyder, Dan Connors Jr., Anthony Losurdo, and Dave Cliff — will be in their full racing uniforms distributing more than 500 gallons of free milk purchased by race teams. Anyone who stops by the speedway Friday is welcome to receive milk.

Vicki Gosek (Joe’s wife) and Phyllis Bellinger (Brandon’s mother) have spearheaded the effort in an attempt to give back to the local community and aid the farming industry as we all fight these trying times amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We thought this was a great way to allow racers a chance to give back,” Gosek said. “There will be no Indy 500 this month, and that means no traditional drinking of the milk, so we decided we would bring some to Oswego to give back to our community and were able to help local farmers in the process. We appreciate everyone banding together to make this happen.”

All families that wish to collect milk will be admitted through the Albany Street pit gate on May 22 at noon, receive milk and a checkered flag from one of the drivers, and be permitted to take a half lap around the Speedway before exiting at the turn 3 pit gate via City Line Road.

Those who attend the giveaway must remain in their vehicle at all times. All other gates will be locked, including the grandstands, and absolutely no foot traffic will be permitted. If you cannot drive, there will be a walk-up distribution area just outside the main pit gate on Albany Street.

The milk will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and the giveaway will run until milk trucks have been emptied out. It is required that all patrons who collect using the walk-up area wear a mask, and are mindful of the social distancing guidelines.

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