To the editor,

The Youth Creating Change Coalition, a student-led coalition working to reduce substance abuse in schools throughout Oswego County is looking to the future future as senior members approach their high school graduations.

Isabella Herrera, Elizabeth Bush, Paige Sawyer, Alexandria Delfino, and Ruhma Khawaja are the High School Senior members of the youth-led coalition and are each adjusting to the changes of what graduation will look like under the COVID-19 restrictions:

Isabella Herrera — Isabella is one of YC3’s most artistic and visually creative members.

Elizabeth Bush — Elizabeth holds a dedicated Coalition meeting attendance record and manages content of Coalition Instagram page.

Paige Sawyer — Paige been vital in new member recruitment.

Alexandria Delfino — Alexandria served as Coalition Secretary for the 2019-2020 year

Ruhma Khawaja — Rhuma led the Coalition as the Chair and attended the Community Anti-Drug Coalition Youth Forum in Washington D.C.

Each these members dedicated their time outside of school to create change in their districts and to educate their peers on the importance of wellness and the dangers of substance abuse, through use of projects and community outreach. The leadership skills they honed while working together as a Coalition has prepared them for their futures and are each better equipped to educate their communities on the dangers of substance abuse as it continues to affect our nation on a pandemic level.

For more information on how youth can get involved with the Youth Creating Change Coalition, please contact 315-529-0565 or email for more information.

Tyler Ahart

Coalition Coordinator

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