To the editor,

This is a very important election year, not only nationally, but on the local level.

I first would like to congratulate Michael Backus for not only his great job performance as Oswego County Clerk, but on his new appointment at Oswego Health.

Having said that, his departure leaves an enormous void in the clerk’s office. The Oswego County Clerk oversees all legal recordings including land records, court records, historical record preservation at the county records center and all Departments of Motor Vehicles.  Whomever is elected to the position of clerk must be capable of understanding and carrying out the enormous task.

During my 33 years working in both the land and court records department of the clerk’s office, I had the pleasure of working beside Oswego County Legislature Majority Leader Terry Wilbur, who is running as a write-in clerk candidate, while Terry was working his way through college. I had already known Terry through his affiliation with St. Mary’s Church and through the youth group I led there. When he showed up at our office, Terry was like a breath of fresh air. He was always smiling, eager to learn and lend a hand wherever needed. His great work ethics came from his incredible hard-working family, and his second job at Fowlers Farm in Hannibal.

Terry learned every aspect of the office early on. He graduated, worked in many political fields, the eventually won election to the Oswego County Legislature seat representing Hannibal. His greatest advocacy is for farmers and veterans. His compassion and willingness to assist anyone in need is Terry’s biggest asset.

Terry already has a great working relationship with Acting Oswego County Clerk Matthew Bacon. Together they would make a great team. Not only would residents benefit but employees would also under their charge.

A write-in campaign is a difficult task, but Terry is capable of taking on the challenge. The last thing we want is for an appointment by state officials to a local position. This is an absolute possibility due to the current situation: Michael Backus will appear on the ballot, but he has already accepted another position.  If a write-in candidate does not win the election, the vacancy could prompt Gov. Andrew Cuomo to appoint to the position. Together we’ve got this!

Thank you,

Susan Sweet


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