To the editor,

I lost all faith in the mainstream media about four years ago. I had learned to distrust the news media to varying degrees over my 67 years of life… but when Donald Trump announced that his campaign had been spied on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN immediately denounced and ridiculed the idea. Not a single reporter from these media made the slightest attempt to actually investigate the possibility that Trump’s claim was true. This was a scandal of historic proportions, and every single major media outlet except for Fox News refused to investigate. Instead the media redirected the public attention to the Russia collusion hoax.  We listened to that lie every day, ad nauseum for years.

Since Joe Biden was selected by the Democrat party as a presidential candidate, he has received overwhelmingly positive coverage from the mainstream media. During that same time period President Trump has received 99 percent negative coverage.  The media have conveniently ignored the Hunter Biden influence peddling scandal and when Mr. Bobulinski held a press conference to announce that Joe Biden was in on the deal, the media refused to cover his statement.

 Instead they announced that this whole thing was Russian disinformation. There is overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden has been taking money from the Chinese Communist party, and from assorted foreign governments. It is totally clear that his family has profited from Joe Biden’s political position.  The news media ignore this story. Our news media, for some reason, not only refuse to show us the truth, they deliberately peddle lies to hide the truth.

I never thought I would live to see the day when I believed that our national news media were liars, propagandists, and hypocrites. Our free press have been systematically pursuing a one sided political agenda to defeat a duly elected president and replace him with a conflicted, influence peddling, China sycophant.

Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to lie.

Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to misrepresent and propagandize.

Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to selectively choose which truths we are allowed to see.

Our national media have betrayed their obligation to be unbiased and truthful in their reporting. Our national media are a disgrace to the ideals of journalism which they supposedly stand for. They have proven themselves to be biased, untruthful, politically motivated, and unfair to the highest degree.

Eighty-four percent of the American public now distrust our news media. Our news media have earned that distrust!

It is time for the American public to demand fairness and unbiased reporting from what was once a highly respected and loved institution. Our “free press” are no longer “free,” they are bought and paid for. The only question in my mind is “Who is paying the bill?”


Francis E Hoefer


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Thank you Fran for the truth although you will be eviscerated for it from the left. The media and the political left have been "gaslighting" the American people. It will be a shame if Biden wins this election. As soon as the American people realize what they voted into the White House, they will be silenced if they try to speak up. Elections have consequences.


Spied on! Not a single orange slice of evidence: simply paranoia sown with a tweet. When Fox started calling out poutus's lies, they went from Dear Leaders' fav to being on the receiving end of it's midnight tweetstorms.

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