To the editor,

I would like to address the proposed West Seneca Street bikeway project.

West Seneca and Cayuga streets have long been the main emergency vehicle pathways between the city of Oswego and SUNY Oswego as well as Oswego Town — especially West Seneca Street. These two streets are used equally by residents for a quick trip to avoid the traffic and traffic lights on West Bridge Street. Consequently the speed of vehicles has been a long time concern of residents and still is.

Cayuga and Seneca streets have one-side parking. When there is a request to change the parking policy of a street a process is followed. First a presentation is made to the Traffic Committee including a needs assessment. The Traffic Committee may choose to move forward and if so the Traffic Committee sends a poll to each resident asking for approval or not and any preferences. If the results indicate a desire for change the chair of the Traffic Department and the councilor of the ward walk both sides of the street to count the total number of potential parking spots.

With the above information, the final consideration is safety.  

West Seneca and Cayuga streets followed this process and the safety issue was West Park  (Franklin Square) and the children that might forget to look when leaving. Therefore parking for West Seneca Street is on the north side of the street and on the south side for West Cayuga Street.

This project will definitely result in more traffic using West Cayuga Street during construction and probably after. There is a high accident occurrence at West Seventh and Cayuga streets for several reasons: the speed is noticeably high and a hill that obstructs vision for vehicles backing out of driveways and people crossing the street. The number of rentals in the area has an increased number of vehicles as well. There are a few bus stops for children. Safety becomes a huge concern.

I would like to request that Councilors McBreaty and Hill of the first and third wards partner to address safer conditions such as four-way stop sign at such intersection(s) that would have the highest impact. Safety is beauty!

Connie Cosemento


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