To the editor,

President Donald Trump keeps pushing Iran to a point where he can claim that a war on Iran is necessary. The news that Iran may break the uranium stockpile limit it agreed to may just be the very premise Trump needs as a rationale to begin another bogus war to fight.

Let’s not forget that it was Mr. Trump who already illegally broke the Iran deal despite the fact that, by all accounts, Iran was in compliance. So, Trump’s base will wave their flags and applaud Trumps bravado as our troops are sent into another pointless war.

After the war has been waged and the entire Middle East is further destabilized it will be revealed, as with Vietnam and Iraq, that Trump’s war was based upon lies. But that will be of no matter as that fact will soon be forgotten as we pursue more important matters as we did with Hillary’s e-mails.

Old people use our young soldiers as political pawns to increase their popularity and improve their odds of re-election. Now that even the FOX polls show Trump losing to every Democratic candidate one thing Trump must have been told is that NO president who ever sought re-election ever lost during wartime.

Thomas Hanley


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