To the editor,

It is great that Oswego County is looking for volunteers to assist at clinics that are injecting vaccines into those people that were able to fill out the required paperwork, show up at the clinics/pharmacies, so we are able to protect our community from COVID-19.  Hopefully there will be ample vaccines available and everybody who wants/needs an injection can receive one.

Unfortunately, there is a segment of the population, not only in Oswego County but across the nation, who are the most susceptible to this awful virus and have no means of getting an injection to protect themselves. Those are the shut-ins that have severe physical disabilities along with severe underlying health issues and cannot physically get to a clinic, or even wait in line due to their disabilities.

I have contacted our physician, the county Office for the Aging, the county health department, professional home aid organizations, and sent an email to the governor, and there seems to be no program in place to provide the shut-in population with this much- needed injection. Mayor Billy Barlow announced that he was having a town hall meeting and asked for a question to be submitted, which I did regarding this subject. He was kind enough to have the fire chief contact me with some possible future solutions. I thank them for their follow-up.

As it stands today, there is no program in place to protect this susceptible population from COVID. Hopefully there will be a plan set in place soon to have state/county/city trained personnel available to visit shut-ins to give them this much needed protection they cannot get for themselves. Johnson and Johnson will soon have their one dose vaccine available, which does not require extreme cold conditions for storage, allowing for a one-visit solution.

Dick Atkins


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