To the editor

On Jan. 6, 2021, Trump supporters declared, "This is MY house!" at the U.S. Capitol building. But apparently they forgot that all Americans feel the same way. The Capitol is the house for all of us, not just for Trump supporters. So: we all need to listen to one another.

The difference is: Do you want to follow the rules of our house? Because in our house, we have to follow the rules and be respectful, or we have to leave or face consequences.

If you don't like the rules, then our democracy allows people to work with the administration to help make things better for the entire country (or family, if you prefer to see it that way). This process is long and hard, and it has been almost impossible for many, especially for people  of color, low income and others.

But no. In our country, you don't get to storm and push into our home and try to destroy it or make crazy assumptions without researching fully all sides of the story. You cannot take over our home for your own private fantasy. You have to share it now, and forever, with the rest of us. It is not only your house.  It is our house. The United States Capitol is for every person in our entire nation.

It’s best if Trump supporters, find a better way to get calm, and find a way to get help for your pain of losing an election because right now, everyone in the United States is in pain because of the horror he caused. Everyone in the United States would appreciate it if all people, including Trump supporters, would work together with all of us to beat this COVID-19 and get our nation back to work, and make sure every individual, family and town is safe, peaceful, happy and healed.

Rosemarie Pupparo


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Don't go around saying the election was stolen if you haven't seen any evidence. There was no evidence. 80 judges ruled "no irregularities". 80 judges ruled "no fraud". 80 judges ruled "no outside interference". If you believe Dominion voting machines were tampered with you're going to have to find evidence, which you won't. Believing it doesn't make it true. If you listen to someone you adore say the opposite time after time after time, you will believe it but that still does not make it true because there is no evidence that would be admissible in a Court of Law. Goodness Blesses America.




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