To the editor,

Most registered American voters, we’re told, agree that Trump did what the whistleblower warned us about: he pressed a foreign president for personal favors that would benefit him politically in return for several things that Ukraine needed, such as the $398 million in military aid Congress had already allocated, etc.

But these same Americans don’t agree on how serious Trump’s actions were.

After watching nearly all of the witnesses at the hearings for the past two weeks we are not only horrified at the conduct of the President and his abuse of power, we now fear for the security of our country with Trump at the helm.

Last week Dr. Fiona Hill, (one of the world’s top experts on Russia, Putin and Ukraine) described with chilling details and clarity how Trump’s actions undermined the coordinated work of U.S. diplomatic and national security professionals, weakened the efforts of our ally, Ukraine’s new president, as he positions himself and his government in their war against Russia and helps Putin and Russia. Russia is not our ally and operates like a super PAC, spending millions to weaponize Americans’ own “false narratives” against our own country.

If we allow one man to abuse the power of the presidency as Trump has done, we’re undercutting the checks and balances our government is based on and setting precedent for future presidents to do the same or worse. If Congress doesn’t rein in Trump’s actions that only benefit Putin and himself, then our country is playing with fire. We cannot trust Trump to put America first. He’s proven himself to be a danger to national security and should be impeached.

Thomas and Mary Loe


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