To the Editor:

As a candidate running for New York Assembly, Gail Tosh has shown her priorities don’t match those we cherish so dearly in Oswego County. Tosh brings with her a New York City liberal mentality that’s already hurting our state. Democrats in Albany value high taxes, unfettered spending and expanded abortions. This is not what we are about here in Oswego.

What will Gail Tosh’s tax-and-spend agenda look like for our farming and small business community? What will it look like for middle-class families? It will look like everything else the failed Democratic majority in this state created, as they run toward a socialist state.

Candidates like Tosh are out of touch with the needs of central New York and she, put plainly, is not qualified to represent our interests in state government. Will Barclay has been a champion for Central New York for decades, and as leader of the Assembly Republican Conference has fought hard to reduce taxes for small businesses, farmers and residents. He has stood up for our law enforcement community and has pushed back against Gov. Cuomo’s misguided liberal agenda. Will Barclay understands what it means to represent central New York.

As we get closer to Election Day, take a look at each candidate’s record closely. You will find one is pushing to make Oswego County look more like Manhattan and the other fighting to protect the middle class and keep as many hard-earned dollars in your wallets and pocketbooks as humanly possible. The choice for the 120th Assembly District could not be clearer. Gail Tosh is not up to the task. Will Barclay has the experience and Central New York values we need. Remember that this Nov. 3.

Democrats and Working Families parties stand for chaos, defunding the police, and bail reform (release from custody immediately after arrest).  Republican and Conservative parties stand for God, country, freedom and law and order.

Patricia Heath

Central Square

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Can you please point out in the Democratic Platform where it says they stand for chaos? Democrats are working to fix the problems that republicans have caused for years. The republicans and conservatives ran the country into the ground and stomped all over it. They were selfish and had no interest in looking out for everyday people. They made sure to line their pockets with corporate money and to help their millionaire friends.

Also, please use facts and reasoning when you post public opinions. To slander democrats with a blanket statement and not provide evidence is lazy. I could write that republicans support sexual assault because they all stood by and said nothing about trump's numerous accusations against him. However I know that would be a misleading statement because not all republicans are ok with sexual assault, they were only ok with trump because they were able to gain something from it.

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