To the editor,

With the 2020 census complete, Oswego County has gone from a population of 122,000 down to a population of 117,000.

With that information and some comparison to another county, it is time for redistricting and reduction in the Oswego County Legislature.

Oswego County has 25 Legislators, while nearby Onondaga county has 17 Legislators. Oswego County has a population of 117,000 and Onondaga County has a population of 467,000. Why so many Legislators for so few people?

This means that each legislator in Oswego County represents some 4,700 people and in Onondaga County each legislator represents some 28,000 people. Some may say it’s geographic: Onondaga County isn’t as large as Oswego county. We don’t need eight more legislators to cover 100 extra square miles.

The cities of Fulton and Oswego do not require four Legislators for each city. Each city has two Legislators for each side of the river. Each city only requires two Legislators, one for each side of the river. They must reside inside the city limits.

There are towns that have more than two Legislators that represent them. Most people live across the road from their neighbor or next door and each has a different Legislator. This is unacceptable.

If each of the two cities reduce their Legislators by two that would reduce the Legislature by four, The remaining four reductions would come from the plethora of Legislators representing towns in the county. These reductions would save the taxpayers approximately $112,000 a year.

The key is less government. The county needs smaller government and better representation.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


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If you're sincere about reducing the number of legislators, why are you running for elected office?

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