To the editor,

Assemblyman Will Barclay has cost the taxpayers of the 120th  Assembly District $1,552,000 over the past 16 years ($97,000 a year base salary plus expenses could be higher).

During his time in office he has organized one pep rally to save a nuke plant. I’m sure that we could have obtained a private group to do the same for a lot less.

In those same 16 yrs:

Nestle Plant closed losing 450 jobs with an average salary without benefits of $50,000 = $22,500,000 a year in loss. Multiplied by 15 years equals $337,000,000 approximately.

No Pep Rally!

Birds-Eye plant closed losing 250 employees with an average salary without benefits of $50,000=$12,500,000 a year over the past 8 years. The loss is $100,000,000 approximately.

No Pep Rally!

Hospital closed losing 400 employees with an average salary of $50,000=$20,000,000 over nine years comes to around $180,000,000 approximately.

No Pep Rally!

Inland Port lost to Onondaga County-losing approximately 2000 jobs with salary of around $30 per hour equal to $60,000 a year per employee. Approximately $120,000,000 annually of lost wages over 20 yrs. approximately $2,400,000,000.

No Pep Rally!

The City of Fulton and the County of Oswego County has lost approximately $737,000,000 in wages alone in Assemblyman Barclay’s time in office. Not to mention the loss of property taxes and sales tax.

Mr. Barclay has received $1,552,000(approximately) in taxpayer money and we have lost approximately around $1 Billion in revenue.

If you want you can vote for Mr. Barclay but he is costing us too much money to be a cheerleader and pep rally organizer.

If you want someone in Albany that will be the member of the Majority and be able to fight for us from within, that is Gail Tosh.

Stop the bleed now.

Frank Castiglia Jr.

Oswego County Legislator


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