From coronavirus blames to impeachment, the left's relentless and divisive attacks on the Trump presidency are a disgrace to the Constitution. The FBI insurgency, Mueller plot, the media hatred and impeachment are unthinkable.

This has never happened in the history of the United States. It is an insult to our founding fathers, an embarrassment to the U.S.

The natural laws of cause and effect will begin to apply.

Every cause or action in life has an effect. What the Democrats and  the media have done to Trump, is the cause. The effect of this will be a decades long dominance of the Republican Party.

Trump's base, Attorney General Bill Barr and media will implement these imminent effects. Each cause will produce individual stages of effects.

The Trump presidency is the most closely watched in history. With today's vast coverage's, the people have become highly educated in politics. The public understands the relentless attacks on Trump and the stark differences to policies and results. With his base growing stronger than ever, the effects will follow.

Donald Trump Jr. & Ivanka Trump recently placed highly in a poll of potential 2024 presidential candidates. According to an Axios poll, many want President Donald Trump’s children to carry on their father’s legacy. With Donald Jr's new book, “Triggered” Lloyd Green of The Guardian,said it could set the political stage for Donald Trump Jr.

At every rally, Donald Jr gives introductory speeches. The entire crowd of 30,000 people shout "47" for 47th President. Many rally-goers are past Democrats. They are already setting the stage for cause and effect. This is a  movement that has never happened in political history. It is reassuring that there will be a decades-long dominance of the Republican Party".  

The president knows what he has created needs to be preserved. Donald Trump Jr. has the same strong convictions as his father. With his father’s base and policies in place, he would be a shoe-in for eight years. This should be pushed and expressed to the public now and through the next five years. The effects will continue.

After that, Ivanka Kushner then Eric Trump then Jared Kushner. The media must start planting these seeds in the public's minds now and for the next 28 years. Each would capture the new base of voters for decades. Cause and effect will prevail. The end effect will be a decades-long dominance of the Republican Party.

What goes around, comes around. The Dems are feeling this now. The voters’ new awareness will be expressed at the ballot box for decades. The laws of cause and effect always win. It is my hope that all genres of the media will take from this and work tirelessly to support the United States of America.

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