Thanksgiving cartoon was inappropriate

The political cartoon by Robert Ariail published in The Palladium-Times last week.

To the editor,

Thanksgiving should be a time to give thanks for our many blessings, and to promote peace. We as a country have much to be grateful for, most of all for a president who is a true patriot. He loves our country and works tirelessly for our people. He spent this Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, serving and supporting our troops.

What does our biased and hateful newspaper print? There is nothing printed about this, instead there is this disgraceful political cartoon depicting President Trump's head on a platter, surrounded at the table by do-nothing Democrats who are waiting to feast. The media and newspapers such as this do nothing to unite our country. Instead, division and hate is being promoted. Hypocrisy is being demonstrated on a daily basis by neglecting to report the countless, positive accomplishments of this administration. Your bias and hate is truly shameful.

Terry Carbone


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Trump hid out in Afghanistan to have an excuse not to be questioned by the House Committee on Impeachment. In three years, he has accomplished nothing but looting the US Treasury for his fellow plutocrats. And his tax "cut" raised taxes more on most people in the most populated states to the point even HE can't afford to live in New York anymore. Good luck Florida: you'll need it. He'll bankrupt you too.


The people who can least afford a turkey are going to suffer the most under this pr*sident. The Trump administration is planning major cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (more commonly known as SNAP, or food stamps). The proposed cuts would totally strip about 3.7 million of their benefits. On top of that, about 2.2 million families will have their benefits reduced by about $127 a month. The result– families who are already struggling to put decent and nutritious meals on the table will suffer more.

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