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I was recently in the Oswego Hospital for nine days with a serious infection and for an operation. My experience was exactly what a hospital stay should be for every individual that needs care. I was completely grateful for all of the medical professionals and all of the other staff.

When a person is in dire straits they hope for the best, and this is what I received. When I went into the Emergency Room for admittance procedures the medical staff were really exceptional: skilled, caring, friendly, clearly informing me every step of the way, and even making me laugh. Once admitted the third floor staff treated me with the utmost care. My two doctors, Dr. Karen Stanley and Dr. George, were outstanding. The nurses were exceptional in every way! All of the other medical staff: the nurse assistants, the EKG technicians, the physical therapist, the pic line specialist, the anesthesiologist, the medical staff that came to me concerning medicines, procedures, scheduling, etc. were skilled, caring, friendly, and especially important to me, they explained everything so that I knew exactly what to expect. I must have met 75 individuals including the dietary staff, two of the maintenance staff, the cleaning ladies, hospital administrators, and many, many more individuals that took their jobs seriously, were industrious, and professional. Their kindness to me was very much appreciated, and I thank Oswego Health from the depths of my heart.

It will be many weeks before I can be mobile enough to bring flowers to both the third floor and to the ER, but that is my hope for some day in late June — to give this symbol to the staff of my thanks, my deep respect, and my admiration. I wish that I could name everyone for this article as I remember dozens and dozens of their first names, yet in case I would forget even one name I would not want to leave anyone out. I will say that the nurses are like angels — the backbone of a hospital, supported by the other staff. I know that there has to be a nurse shortage in these difficult times. I clearly observed that the nurses were overworked during their 12-hour shifts. Perhaps the Oswego City Council could take extra steps in allocating additional monies to search for and hire more nurses for Oswego Health. The nurses have such good attitudes and work ethics, but I feel they need more support.

The Oswego Health staff — working together as a team and just being incredibly nice besides being diligent- were a big part of my healing and recovery. The community of Oswego can be proud of an exception team of professionals and supporting staff at your fine hospital. Thank you.


R. Collins

Port Byron

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