To the editor,

The foundation of the Roman Catholic Faith is constituted by following the teachings of Christ, reverence for sacred tradition, and belief in the holy sacraments.  We fully believe that during the consecration of the Holy Mass the entire substance of the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ through the words, “This is my Body and this is my Blood.”  The Act of Consecration changes the ordinary into the sacred.  This new state is permanent, and the graces attached to the consecration are great and lasting.

It has been said that the church buildings are simply buildings with no inherent Sanctity. That is not the case with a fully Consecrated Church. Canon Law 1214 defines the Church as a Sacred building, and furthermore, in law and tradition, a Sacred Church given over Perpetually for divine worship should retain the Sacred character IF AT ALL POSSIBLE (Can. 1222) and only under Grave Cause [a state of such disrepair the church cannot be used for divine worship or that there is no money from any source to care for the church] should the Church be relegated to profane use.  

The key word that requires attention is “Perpetual.”  Saint Mary of the Assumption Church was Consecrated on September 13, 1925 during a solemn Pontifical Mass.  Present for the Consecration were dignitaries of the Church as Oswego has never seen since, including Patrick Cardinal Hayes the Archbishop of New York, the Archbishops of Toronto, St. Paul, and San Francisco, seven bishops, and a great number of priests and monsignories from all over the United States.  Consecration is a rite reserved to a bishop, who through the anointing with Holy Chrism of twelve crosses on the inner walls of the church and saying the words, “Sancificetur et Consecretur hoc Templum…” the church building itself is marked with an indelible mark and is raised in perpetuum to a higher order, is removed from the malign influence of Satan, and becomes a sacred place where abundant graces flow. The 12 crosses with candles along the walls of St. Mary’s stand as lasting proof of Consecration and are never to be removed.  The ordinary was changed into the sacred.  

I was married in St. Joseph’s Church, and my children celebrated Sacraments there.  The question of St. Mary’s is not one of “my church versus your church or one plan over another for parishes” but is instead a question of faith, sacred tradition, canon law, and the defense of a consecrated church sacred to all Catholics.  

St. Mary’s is the only Consecrated Church in Oswego.  Many Catholics attend faithfully, and many others come to visit St. Mary’s to immerse themselves in the holiness and peace found within. Many make pilgrimages to worship at a sacred place, yet we have our own sacred place right here in Oswego.   I pray the Holy Spirit will intercede so that this sacred church will remain open for Catholic worship in all perpetuum.

For like more information, please email or visit  St. Mary of the Assumption Preservation Group on Facebook

Kristie Pauldine


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