To the editor,

My name is Brett Smith and I would like to be considered as a write-in candidate for the open Oswego City School District Board of Education.

I was born, raised and educated in upstate New York. I left home to serve the country as a mechanic onboard submarines in the United States Navy. While in the Navy, I developed a passion for teaching and became an instructor helping new sailors learn how to operate and repair nuclear submarines. After my wife gave birth to our second daughter, we decided to return to upstate New York to raise our children in the place we loved.

I was a maintenance supervisor at Novelis before once again returning to teaching. I have been an instructor at the Nine Mile Point and James A FitzPatrick Power Plants for the last six years helping train the operators that run the plants, that supply power to our communities. I now serve as a manager of operations training. I have also held an additional role as the Exelon Impact Leader helping to support and give back to the communities I love through volunteering events and fundraisers. I was responsible for championing that a portion of Nine Mile Point’s annual charity fundraiser give donations to Leighton Elementary. Both of my daughters attend school in the Oswego City School District and my wife and I are active participants in our Home and School Association. I helped build Leighton’s new accessible playground, ran school movie nights and was a craft leader in the annual winter craft fair.  I combine my passion for teaching and developing youth by volunteering as a coach for the Oswego Youth Basketball Association.

As a member of the Board of Education, I would ensure that they uphold the needs of the community. I understand that what Oswego deserves is a strong educational system designed to improve the lives of the children. I believe this is accomplished through the use of innovative educational tools, ensuring teachers have access to required resources, and providing activities that enrich the lives of the students.

While my goals are high, I also understand that the citizens of Oswego deserve a board that recognizes the needs of the taxpayers. The school board works for the children, parents, teachers, and all members of Oswego and I will ensure that all projects and developments are weighed evenly while maintaining financial responsibility. The residents of the city cannot afford to waste money on the wrong projects that won’t provide the right level of return for the community. However, I also believe it is the responsibility of the school board to ensure that all students in its district are provided with the right tools and access to necessities, to ensure every child they serve is afforded the same opportunities as one another to learn and grow.  

Thank you for your consideration,

Brett Smith


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