To the editor,

On Nov. 19, @GOP tweeted (quoting Trump lawyer Sydney Powell): "'President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. We are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.'"

Lies about the presidential election results, court cases that attempt to disenfranchise those who didn't vote for Trump (though, oddly, the election results for other Republicans on the ballot aren't disputed), maneuvers to interfere with vote certifications — this is an official voice of the Republican Party endorsing this subversion.

By the time you read this, Rep. Katko may have issued a statement on the escalating efforts to undermine the presidential election. He may have joined Senators Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse in at least acknowledging what's happening. But calling out and condemning these actions is well past due. No matter how poor the chances of successfully nullifying the results, the attempts to do so cannot be dismissed. The process for this election was declared fair by our country's top election security official — who was then fired by Trump. The results of an election that record-breaking numbers of Americans participated in, however, apparently are now tainted with doubt for most Republicans. Meanwhile, elected members of their party sit by. Claiming they're just let the process play out, Republican officials distance themselves from Trump's tweets and ignore the antics of the Giuliani press conferences. Poor odds and incompetence aren't a defense though.

The comically inept bank robber may be left empty handed but a failed thief is still a criminal. Elected Republicans remaining silent now makes them complicit in these acts their party now endorses.


Anne Pagano


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