To the editor,

Our differences, our unique qualities may just be what unites us together. We learn from one another, every day.

The human being is a wonderful art form. We are all meant to live as a happy, inspired, motivated, curious, self-fulfilled beings. We are here to find purpose and to positively function and learn, teach, and share our positive, viable experiences. Also, during our troubled times, we are here to help others find their way.

The dark times are most definitely upon us: our leadership, our health scares and afflictions, our lack of human compassion and the need for greed is heavily being felt by many, at present time.

What can I say to appease?

Take a break from social media. Invite nature into your world. Contact a loved one who you’ve not spoken.

Start a new hobby. What inspires you? photography, writing, music, bowling, candle-making, riding a bike, people-watching, having tea-time, cooking/baking?

Go for a drive. Visit a castle.

Set new goals for yourself and accomplish activities in your life that you’re proud of making come true.

We must learn to be our own best friend. The sounds in our silence, is where our true calling will emerge. We cannot depend on anyone or anything for our happiness. It is unhealthy to be co-espondent on anyone. And unless we are sabotaged in doing so, we must live in our own state of Bliss. We must make and be our own Kind of Happy.

Wishing us all a happy Saint Patrick’s Day and happy, positive vibes.

AJ Anesko


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