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The Corps officers, Captain Heather Odom and Lieutenant Alberta Rakestraw, and members of the Advisory Board of the Oswego County Salvation Army offer their sincere thanks to several Oswego restaurateurs, members of Zonta and the Oswego Lions Club, and members of the public for their generous support of the Guest Chef Dinners of 2019.  

A total of 646 meals were served in our dining room or as take-outs at the six dinners held throughout the year and $6,505 was raised.

A total of 80 dinners have been held since 2007. Although details of early dinners are incomplete, records show that more than 7,195 meals have been served and $84,945 raised to support the ministries of the Army in Oswego County.

The dinners were donated, cooked and served by Rudy’s Lakeside Restaurant; Springside Independent Living at Seneca Hill; Cindy Wilson, cook at The Salvation Army; the Zonta Club of Oswego; the Press Box; and Canale’s Restaurant. Assistance at the dinners was also given by several volunteers from the community and members of the Lions’ Club of Oswego. Media outlets have been generous in publishing our press releases.

The Corps officers and members of the Advisory Board are deeply grateful at this Christmas season for these contributions to the ministry of The Salvation Army throughout Oswego County and for the fellowship we have had with everyone involved in the dinners.

Thomas Brown

Chairman, Advisory Board

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