To the editor,

No matter which church was chosen, there will be controversy and hurt feelings, and yes, anger by people that wanted their parish to be the one chosen. It is sad indeed, that it has come to this. Although I am a lifetime member of St. Paul’s, I feel the angst of every member of the other four parishes.

I received all my sacraments at St. Paul’s from Baptism to Marriage. However, I did not receive them at the present church, but at the one that was razed, next to Trinity catholic school. A playground occupies this once sacred space now. I remember the feelings when they tore down “my” church, so I can relate to what others will be feeling when their churches close.

Even though St. Paul’s is my parish, I have attended many Masses at St. Mary’s. I have always thought it was a beautiful church, almost cathedral — like, inside and outside along with it’s iconic spire.

Personally, I would like to see both parishes remain open, (St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s) thus giving Catholics a parish on the east side of Oswego, and one on the west side. I would think when the others close, there would be enough support and priests to maintain two parishes. I would feel remiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge the other three parishes, St. Joseph’s, St. Peter’s, and St. Stephens, all of which are also beautiful churches.

There are many things I have learned in my 80 years. One is nothing is forever, life keeps changing and revolving. We have a choice to either accept the changes and move forward, or reject them and stay stuck and be miserable. Another of life’s lessons, we can not control what happens, but we CAN control how we react to it.

Someone mentioned in one of their letters to the editor, that you could feel God’s presence when you went to St. Mary’s, This is very true, but you can also feel His presence at St. Paul’s too. In fact, God is everywhere. We should feel His presence wherever we go. I remember going to Mass at the Oswego theater when they built the new St Joseph’s church. Did it feel like you were in church? No, but I can assure you that God was indeed present there.

Let us not forget what going to Mass is all about. It is to receive the body and blood of Christ. It shouldn’t matter so much where we do it, as much as the fact that we do it. Peace to all.

Mary Magnante


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Well said, it is very true that God is present in whatever church we choose to attend . The parishioners that are upset that St. Mary's was not chosen to be "the church " have a great point . St Mary's church is the" Notre Dame" of Oswego , its beauty is breathtaking . The beacon of light from the tower beckons all to God's house . The bells of St. Mary's ringing through our small town how can we just throw this all away . My heart is grieving the loss of such a part of our history, the architecture alone is of museum quality .

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