To the editor,

In July, there were several meetings at the Oswego County Legislative level. There was one Public Hearing also. All were pertaining to the request by the Majority Caucus for an increase of the terms of the Oswego County Legislature. The request was to increase the length of the term from two to four years.

During discussions, there were a plethora of reasons given as to why the increase was needed. Some pertained to saving of money. Others were it being a hardship on the legislators having to go out and campaign 13 months after being elected, this was proven to be also the case for both state representatives, and the federal congressman. One even said that it took him four years to fully understand the workings of County Departments. I say to that one, that it is not our job to fully understand the workings of the departments — that is what we have department heads for. Our job is to insure our county taxpayers money is being used for services for the taxpayers. If it took him four years to learn his job, he owes the taxpayers some money. One even said that with the new election laws he is forced to go out and knock on doors when it is cold out in an attempt to gain the number of signatures required to be on the ballot in November.

During these meetings the minority caucus requested that term limits be added to the request and also a reduction in the number of legislators.

Term limits have been an issue with all voters in the nation. It would halt the lifetime jobs being obtained by so many elected officials.

Reduction in by ten legislators would save the county taxpayers $160,000 a year, or $1,600,000 every ten years.

Each of those were denied by the majority caucus.

Therefore I say:

NO Term limits

NO Reduction in legislative body

NO four-year terms (if you can’t do the job in two years we will not give you four years to do the same thing)

I urge everyone to VOTE in November and please turn the ballot over and vote NO on four-year terms for the Legislature.

Leg. Frank Castiglia Jr.

25th District

Minority Leader

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