To the editor,

I understand why four years ago some of my friends supported President Donald Trump.

People wanted a change from politics as usual but no one could dream he could be this divisive or immoral. Now, everyone knows just who he is. He stands for himself above all others — not a very good quality for a leader.

When you go to the voting booth, only you know how you will vote. I’m asking you to consider this: Before Trump, were our cities burning? Were people showing up with guns at state capitol buildings? Were families at odds with each other over politics?

Was anyone worried about election fraud? Was there ever a president using the F bomb at rallies? Or calling fellow politicians derogatory names? How about calling our military “suckers and losers”. Your vote does matter. We really need to become the civil nation we were. It is fine to disagree on issues. That’s why our country is the best. We have been dragged down into a very dark hole. To see the light, end this four years of hatred from the White House.

Remember the children he had put in cages. Remember this pandemic. He could have righted himself instantly by telling the truth about COVID-19. Everyone would have been behind him. But he chose to let people die. It is such a disgrace that our country is in the worst shape in the whole world. We all got behind President George W. Bush after 9-11. That’s what we do. Trump just doesn’t understand empathy for people.

Putin puts a bounty on our military, and Trump says nothing about it.

Trump is not an unknown quantity now. We all know just who he is and what he cares about. And it’s not us.

Ronald Patrick


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