Oswego Players remember Brian Pringle

The late Brian Pringle.

To the editor,

One of the first people I came in contact with when I became president of the Oswego Players a few years ago was Brian Pringle. He just seemed to be always there, and everywhere around the Frances Marion Brown Theater. One day I could walk into the theater and he would be on a ladder painting, the next time he was in the basement working on set pieces, another time he was sitting in the audience watching a rehearsal, and one time as I drove up to the Civic Arts Center Building, I found him outside working on some landscaping.

What I didn’t know, however, was what a gifted actor Brian could be. Brian loved the theater and over the years was a member of the Fulton Community Theater group, acted at the Renaissance Faire in Sterling, New York, and crossed the stage at the Oswego Players, many, many times.

Brian and I got to know each other quite well over time. We seemed to “hit it off” working together on all kinds of projects. Sometimes Brian was animated and full of funny stories. Brian loved some of the classic TV shows and would have me in stitches as he played out a scene or two.  At other times he was noticeably quiet and in need of some alone time.  He told me once he really loved working alone in the quiet theater. He said it gave him great comfort. Brian Pringle was one of the most loyal, reliable, committed members of the Oswego Players I have had the honor of calling friend and colleague.

His passing a short time ago came as a huge jolt to everyone who knew and loved him. He is sorely missed around the Players.

The Board of Directors of the Oswego Players recently received a loving donation in his name made by Elaine Best, Brian’s mom, president of “The Best Development of the Arts” nonprofit.  A gold name plate has been placed on the “In Memoriam” plaque which hangs in the FMB theater, and a special tribute will be made in his honor when the theater re-opens. Our sincere thanks goes out to Elaine and the Best Development of the Arts organization for their generosity.   

Paul McKinney


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