To the editor,

With 2020 being a year of a pandemic, an election and overall negativity, I’d like to share a positive with the community. Many of our children were hopeful to be able to go back to school last spring, but were disappointed. Many were hoping to play spring and fall sports but were disappointed. It’s no secret that socializing and physical activity are necessary for children’s health both physically and mentally.

Many Little Leagues in our region cancelled their seasons due to the pandemic. Oswego Little League, like our children, held out hope. As soon as the Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the okay for no/little contact sports to play, our league went above and beyond to adhere to every guideline to ensure there would be a season. When I told my daughter I received the email that baseball is happening, one would have thought she won the lottery.

OLL President Tim Kirwan and his determination gave my daughter and fellow baseball players normalcy during an awkward time and most importantly a remainder that having hope doesn’t always turn into disappointment. A fun summer full of smiles, laughs and memories was made possible because of OLL. The season was successful because of the league, and Tim’s effort that went above and beyond to make the changes needed. Tim and the league decided that fall ball would also happen as well. Talk about feeling spoiled! Parents and players are beyond grateful and appreciative of the hard work and dedication from the league.

Along with Tim, a huge thank you to the board, Leo Babcock, and the umpires for working hard and making adjustments as well. We certainly could not have baseball without the coaches and volunteers either. Thank you Justin Krul, Stephanie Krul, Carrie Gunther, Troy Kocher, Derek Carr, Shane Stepien, Coach DeGrenier, Coach Caroccio, Coach Eddie, Kyle Perez and so many others for all your efforts, time and commitment to Oswego Little League and our children.

Oswego Little League consists of very humble men and women, but I feel the community should know how wonderful our league is. They are our children’s heroes, role models, and biggest fans.

While there is a lot of uncertainty to what will happen in 2021 as far as school sports, school itself and the pandemic one thing is for certain: baseball.

I encourage parents to check out Oswego Little League’s Facebook and watch for registration dates around February/March. It will be my daughter’s fourth year playing — yes, girls can absolutely play too! Community members are always welcome to come watch the kids play as well.

“Baseball was, is, and will always be the greatest game in the world” -Babe Ruth

Jennalyn Thompson


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