On anniversary of Michele Wink’s passing, a thank you to Oswego Buccaneer community

Beloved Oswego High School athletic trainer Michele Wink, pictured above left with Buccaneer and Class of 2017 grad Trey Clark, died unexpectedly on this date one year ago.

Dear neighbors, friends and found family,

I am long overdue with expressing my appreciation to you all.

Michele and I arrived in Oswego 23-plus years ago without knowing what to expect, or what we’d find. What we found was our home. I am very thankful to everyone, for such a supportive response to my wife’s sudden passing. I cannot put into words what I’d, truly, like to say to all of you. Words only seem to cheapen, exactly, what needs to be said, but I will do my best.

It has often been stated of how Michele gave to the world around her, and I agree, she did...  but my wife fed off of the energy that all of you immersed her in on a daily basis. It was the wonderful people of this community that helped to make Michele the beautiful person that she was. Simply put, Michele could not have been who she was without all of you. It was clear, early on, that although I had the privilege of marrying her, she belonged to all of us.

Take from her what she stood for, and help the world around you, without judgment. Let Michele’s mantra of “Help People Up” ring true forever. To Michele it did not matter who you were, what you were, or how you were. You always got her best along with a smile. My wife made the world around her a better place to be in. Often without trying.

I’d like to leave you all with some Thank Yous: I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me to get this far after her death. Her quick and traumatic passing has left me in shambles. Thank you all for the cards, donations, food and visits. Thank you for the continued thoughts, prayers and “uplift” that I still, desperately, need. Thank you for the help that you gave in making Michele who she was. Most of all... Thank you for letting us be a part of your community, and allowing us to be a part of your lives. Neither of us could have done any of this without all of you!!!!!!!

Go Bucs!!! Go HEELS!!!


Timothy Wink

Husband and luckiest person alive!

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