Dear Editor,

 In the Pall-Times Tuesday morning, I read Mike McCrobie’s column, “For Joe’s Sake: Say It Ain’t So” with much interest.

 I myself have driven down Hillside Avenue many times in the past year and observed all of the reconstruction going on in what was the OHS Football Field appropriately named after a highly respected Athletic Director - Joseph Wilber.

I am a classmate of Mike’s and was also a member of the OHS Class of 1975, the first class to attend all 4 years at the “new” High School that opened in 1971.

I have many fond memories of Mr. Wilber and his dedication and helpfulness to the group of 1971 Freshman OHS cheerleaders of which I was a member and continuing in the year’s that followed.

 I can still see Mr. Wilber kneeling on the floor of the old District Office on the corner of Hillside and Utica streets and handing out the cheer uniforms from cardboard boxes that had been put up on shelves to keep them from getting damaged from the flooding that frequently happened on that corner.

I totally agree with Mike that the field in question should remain “Joseph Wilber Field” and a new sign erected to designate it as such. Mr. Wilber

was a highly respected teacher, coach, colleague, friend and Athletic Director for many years.

For anyone who knew him, please write to the current school board and let them know without question that this field should remain named after Joe Wilber.

Thank you.


Cindy Murabito Snyder

Oswego, NY

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A "Football Field" it isn't.

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