To the editor,

The Sept. 12 letter from Oswego County Republican Chairman Fred Beardsley has prompted me to write in.

He has taken facts and request for action and labeled them as “mudslinging,” just what people caught do something questionable do.

It is called diverting.

Kind of like the child that gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, right away he says it’s not his fault but his mother’s for putting the cookies in the jar.

The Democratic Chairman of the Fulton Party is doing his job, something the Oswego County Republican Chairman hasn’t done, maybe because he is unaware of what he should be doing. If he had then there wouldn’t be any possibility of inappropriate donations.

Donations do not reflect on the candidate but on the work done by their campaign committee. Those committees should be watched by the respected heads of the parties.

The candidate’s job is to talk to the public and seek their votes.

They are held responsible for the actions or inactions of their committees, but that is life.

The public may question or form their own opinions of the facts discovered but it is the New York State Board of Elections that will decide if the facts are wrong or not and what actions are required.

This is not “mudslinging,” this is someone doing their job.

The Fulton Democratic Chairman has only requested that the candidate return the questionable donations and the donating party be held accountable.

I would suggest the Oswego County Republican Chairman stop writing false claims and learn what the laws and regulations are for donations.

Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.


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