To the editor,

Sensationalism has taken over our media, while facts are little known.   

Legislation, executive orders, and deregulations are implemented without much publicity or public awareness.  This lack of knowledge is making it impossible to vote rationally and intelligently.  

Our only recourse is to educate and to inform the public of what is happening behind the scenes and behind the hype about campaigns.   Here are a few facts about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), established in 1970 by President Nixon:

Aside from leaving the Paris Agreement on the environment and climate change, under the present administration 95 environmental regulations have either been over-turned, partially over-turned or are in process at breakneck speed.  

Based on research from Harvard and Columbia Law Schools, The New York Times reported overturning of regulations on all the following:

• 16 air pollution and emissions regulations

• 10 drilling and extraction regulations

• 11 infrastructure and planning rules

• 7 animal protections

• 5 toxic substances and safety rules

• 4 water pollution safeguards

• 5 other miscellaneous

A closer look at car emissions from The Atlantic, Feb. 12, 2020, “We Knew They Had Cooked the Books,” described how the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had worked closely together to write the federal tailpipe-pollution standards.  This collaboration had claimed for years that these regulations saved lives and greatly improved the atmosphere.  

Under the Trump administration, a review of the rules had been ordered and the new study showed the exact opposite. NHTSA presented newly analyzed data and renamed their policy the Safer Affordable Fuel-efficient Vehicles Rule (SAFE), which is truly a misnomer. The extent to which the henchmen of President Trump’s administration continue to derail past progress is truly appalling.

Getting closer to home, Trump claimed in a speech in Michigan on March 2019, that the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) would receive $300 million under his administration, and that it hadn’t been done in over 30 years.  In fact, the GLRI has been around since only 2010 when the Obama administration budget included $475 million and the money has been fairly steady since then with over 4,000 projects implemented.  However, in Trump’s 2019 and 2020 proposed budgets, he has suggested cutting the GLRI by over 90 percent to $30 million, an unprecedented action, while claiming otherwise.

Undoubtedly, the objective of this administration is to empower large industries and their profits at the expense of American lives through air and water pollution, destruction of historical monuments and lands, safety of wildlife, and the health of generations to come.  

Our only hope is at the ballot box.  Please vote.

Suzanne Stout


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The warmongering and threatening to destroy Iran's revered cultural sites was barbaric and an illegal act. I'm ashamed of our foreign policy on every front. Cordiality without results with Kim Jong Un? At best, that's a camera-happy smoke screen for the ineptness and lack of experience and uncivil upbringing. Installing Ryan Zinke as Secretary Of the Interior was done to wipe out environmental safeguards and protections achieved by this nations' most environmentally proactive President in history, President Barack Obama. 550 million acres protected and 5 new National Monuments created.

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