To the editor,

Here we go again...

Rather than focusing on issues that are important to the citizens of Fulton, Fulton Democrats, apparently having no platform to run on themselves, are throwing mud in hopes that some will stick.  

Have at it — because in the meantime, Deana Michaels is going to continue to talk about her ideas of how, as mayor, she will improve the city of Fulton.  People talk a lot of wanting more women to run for office and I’m pleased that Deana, as a professional woman, was willing to take up the yoke and run for mayor.  

I have every confidence that she will be a great mayor.

Fred Beardsley

Chairman, Oswego County Republican Committee

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If he really believes that GOP drivel, why bother to rebut the Democrats?


What was the accusation anyway, Fred? Care to eelaborate?


It will be interesting to see if the accusations get played out before the courts and if any of the campaign cash gets returned.

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