To the editor,

I like to read stories that Mike McCrobie writes in The Pall-Times. He does a great job. Mike being older than me, I was a little behind on some of the things he wrote about but knew exactly what he was talking about.

Recently, an old building on West First Street was razed – Stoney’s Auto Parts. The memories I had there… wow. If you were a motor head, that was the place to go

I started going there in the late 1970s. I would go down there to buy parts for my first car, a 1957 Chevy – I wish I had that today. When you went to Stoney’s, everybody knew your name and cared about you. “Hey Lee, what can we do for you?” Alan Levine was the owner.

On the counter: Levin and  Bruce Benaway Hail. Let’s not forget the Grassos, Benny and brother John and cousin Phil. They are Chevy guys. John always had Corvettes, King of Cool. John ran the machine shop back in the day. He kept it spotless, and if you borrowed a tool, you better bring it back or else you didn’t get another one!

One of the later guys that came to work there was my good friend, Billy Izyk. He was the only Ford guy that worked there.

When you went to the counter and asked for a part, most of the time they didn’t have to look it up. They’d walk in the back room and say, “here you go.”

I never worked for Alan but nobody left unhappy. He treated his workers great and paid them well. Oswego needs a few more Levines like Alan. It’s a shame to see Stoney’s go to a parking lot but time goes on.

Alan was way ahead of his time, and drove a lot of foreign cars: Mercedes, a couple Porches – they were nice cars. Stoney’s had delivery cars at one time, and Alan’s Renault Le Cors was almost like a yoyo. Not too long ago, Alan sold the business, and it was never the same.

I’d like to see a Stoney’s Auto Parts reunion. A lot of folks would show up, like a classic car show.

Lee Walker


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