To the editor,

The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary are just around the corner. It is time to make a decision as to who to support. After carefully weighing all the candidates and options, I have made my choice. Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.

Why Mayor Pete, you ask? Why not a more experienced candidate like Biden, Sanders, or Warren?

I think the torch needs to be passed to a newer generation of leadership. Mayor Pete embodies the spirit of a new torchbearer. He is young, but wise. Smart but not sassy. Reasoned  and reasonable, and passionate of purpose. He is also morally and spiritually grounded. He has served his country on the battlefield and in public office. Mayors have to know how to get things done if they are to succeed.

The fact that he is gay will no doubt be held against him by some. The honesty of his openness will also attract the solid support of others. He knows who he is and has accepted himself without abandoning traditional American values. I think that is very appealing.

I also considered and initially leaned toward supporting Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Amy Klobuchar. If either emerged as successful in garnering the nomination I would be on board without hesitance. I think we need more women in top executive and legislative positions.

As for billionaires Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg, while their intentions are noble, money alone should not be the sine qua non of success in politics. There is much they can do without becoming candidates themselves. Bloomberg, for example, could do the country a favor by buying and re-organizing Fox News into a real news outlet, not a propaganda machine. Steyer can and should help sustain important causes like climate change.

But, Mayor Pete wins my support and my vote. The possibility of his presidency would be transformational. The chance for real, substantive and positive change is palpable. Pete for America, Pete for president, rings my bell, and I hope to convince many of my fellow Democrats to answer the clarion call to let true freedom ring again. It is a bell that can toll for all of us.

John T. Sullivan Jr.


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Thank you, John. I'm with you.

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