To the editor,

When I read Bob Lonsberry’s delusional article about nursing home politics (“Cuomo’s cold-hearted virus policies” May 7, 2020), I felt compelled to respond.

Before I respond, let me state that my 101-year-old mother lives in a nursing home in Massena, New York. She is mentally and verbally capable and very aware of her surroundings. She does need the services that can be best provided by a nursing home and staff, and her family trusts that she is not in any particular danger by virtue of being in that facility. Our family has several medical support staff among its members; I suspect they are more knowledgeable than Mr. Lonsberry on most medical topics.

Mr.  Lonsberry chastised Cuomo, saying “Cuomo’s policy of barring visitors in nursing homes and hospitals is inhumane and illogical.  It inflicts cruel and unusual punishment upon people who have done nothing other than have the misfortune to live under his tyrannical rule.”  This is followed by, “He has imposed suffering of the cruelest nature upon residents, patients and families, and it is an indictment of the health care industry….”

Cuomo’s policies are not political; they are efficacious! They are reviewed by staff professionals and outside professionals. They are shared and discussed with similar groups from larger states. Time and again there are discussions that assist a larger group of interests than just those of New York state.

Does Bob Lonsberry really think Andrew Cuomo sits around just planning ways to disrespect our seniors and the devoted staff members in our nursing homes, and the families who care for them? Does he ever watch Cuomo’s daily briefing on the deadly coronavirus? He should; maybe he could get paid for another column just to correct the damaging image to himself and his subject. One wonders why Lonsberry would write such a column. Additional perspective can be found by searching his name and background on Google. You will discover much that will make you question his motives and character.

In 1960, the governor of New York was Nelson Rockefeller — now, it is Andrew Cuomo. In my opinion, Rockefeller and Cuomo are two of New York’s best three governors during that 60-year period.

Terrence M. Hammill


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In 2016 Cuomo banned unnecessary travel to North Carolina over their not passing a "same-sex" bathroom bill. He cited "human rights" as is reasoning. Our little king Cuomo then proceeded to go to Cuba, and vacation. You know Cuba? That bastion of human rights? The little king in Albany also told conservatives they weren't welcome in this state. You know? Demonstrating his inclusiveness and openness to other opinions? In 2015 the little king was warned by state health officials that New York was well short of ventilators, making us vulnerable to a possible pandemic. What did the little king do? He wasted over 700 million of our tax dollars on a solar panel boondoggle in Buffalo. You know, save the planet, not the people? And since our little king has been sitting on his throne, New York remains at the top of the list of states where people are leaving.

Your bar for greatness in Governors appears to be extremely low.


Did you soil yourself over Trump's fawning over Vladimir "The Poisoner" Putin, Comrade 'The King of Corona' Xi, Murderous Dictator Kim Jong-Un, and the 'Sheik of Bone Saws', Mohammed bin Salman too? Have you forgotten Trump eliminated state and local tax breaks for New Yorkers because we didn't vote for him and then moved to Florida to keep HIS taxes low (as if he ever paid any)? Do you not know that Trump ignored the pandemic warning and written plans Obama gave him FOUR YEARS AGO and he still did nothing to prepare? Did you forget that when the WHO warned Trump about the crisis developing in Wuhan China that he leaped into action and went golfing nine times and holding rallies six times in the next two months while DOING NOTHING to protect Americans? Or are you just a ignorant, uninformed partisan bigot?


By the way: That lame yarn about Cuomo not acting on a recommendation to buy ventilators? That's a lie. Don't you know by now that most anything Trump says is a lie? In fact, there is no documented evidence that Trump has ever told the truth.

Better a 'little king' that a fat lying slob stealing from the taxpayers fist-over-fist.

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