To the editor,

I am a student athlete at SUNY Oswego. Just like many of my teammates I work out every day, wear a mask in public, diet properly and take vitamins. Despite this, the draconian administration at our school has decided to ban all winter and spring sports from practicing/competing because of the coronavirus. We still pay the same tuition, and they even had the nerve to raise our athletic fees this semester for the sports equipment we can’t use.

Scientists and doctors will tell you COVID-19 disproportionately affects elderly, and overweight people. We are neither. We are not at risk or in contact with anyone who is.

The athletes and students here have pleaded all year with school leadership to no end. We never receive an answer with any logic behind it. We all feel that those in charge do not care about our well being. We feel voiceless, powerless and taken advantage of.

Isaac Matthews

SUNY Oswego

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I suggest you play anyway. With your own league, practices.

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