To the editor,

The last minute attempts by Katko and/or his supporters to smear Balter and her Congressional campaign by saying that she supported human rights atrocities is contemptible and beyond the pale.

Good grief!  To take her teaching for Syracuse University's Maxwell School — one of the premier schools in our country for international affairs and public administration — and distort that into supporting human rights violations makes Katko seem desperate. (since when did teachers become responsible for each of their students’ situations and actions?

In last week’s debate between Balter and Katko, it was Balter who mentioned many of the human rights that we say we value in this country, things like education and free speech. Free speech is supposed to protect our democracy, not protect deliberate lies done through words and images.

I hope Katko didn’t approve the latest odious tactics of his campaign. But he’s responsible in the end. The appearance of such nasty lies alone can be enough to make some voters switch to Balter.

Even if Katko calls out these lies in a clear and public way now, damage has been done. Lots of people do not want the rancor and wild manipulation of false, viral disinformation for four more years. They will vote against Trump’s fake news and the Katkos who have let him run amok with his self-aggrandizing powers far too long already.

Mary Loe


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The final acts of a desparate campaign.

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