Editor’s note: The following are remarks made by U.S. Rep. John Katko, R-Camillus, on the floor of Congress on Jan. 12, 2021. The text is available in the House Record H138 Page 14.

Mr. RASKIN. Mr. Speaker, I am honored  to  yield  2  minutes  to  the  gentleman from New York (Mr. KATKO).

Mr.  KATKO.  Mr.  Speaker,  I  rise  as  a  proud  American  who  has  the  distinct  honor of serving this great body.

As a Member of Congress, we take an oath  to  defend  the  Constitution  because at times it needs defending. On Jan. 6, the nation watched as insurrectionists  stormed  the  Capitol,  threatened the safety of countless individuals, and successfully, albeit it temporarily, disrupted our process.

In  the  midst  of  the  attack,  hundreds  of   Capitol   Police   officers   heroically   upheld their duty to defend the United States   and   protect   those   who   work   here.  Many  officers  were  severely  injured  and  beaten,  including  one  of  my  former interns.

Tragically,  one  officer,  Officer  Brian  Sicknick, succumbed to the injuries he sustained. To  Officer  Sicknick’s  family,  I  extend   my   deepest   condolences.   Know   that we are praying for you. To  all  Capitol  Police  officers,  we  are  deeply  thankful  for  your  bravery.  Because  of  you,  thousands  of  lives  were  protected,  and  the  people’s  work  was  able to resume.

Now,  just  as  the  Capitol  Police  protected  us,  Congress  must  match  that  courage  and  protect  the  Constitution,  our  democratic  processes,  and  this  nation. The  President’s  role  in  the  insurrection   is   undeniable.   Both   on   social   media  ahead  of  Jan.  6  and  in  his  speech  that  day,  he  deliberately  promoted   baseless   theories,   creating   a   combustible   environment   of   misinformation and division.

To  allow  the  President  of  the  United  States  to  incite  this  attack  without  consequences  is  a  direct  threat  to  the  future of this democracy. For this reason,  I  will  vote  to  impeach  this  President tomorrow.

The  bill  before  us  tonight  is  a  non-binding  resolution,  which  requests  the  Vice   President   to   invoke   the   25th   Amendment, a step he has already said he  will  not  take.  It  is  merely  a  symbolic  gesture,  and  I  will  oppose  that  resolution. After  last  week’s  attack  on  the  Cap-itol,  it  is  clear  our  Nation  is  more  divided  than  ever  in  recent  history.  We  began  this  great  experiment  over  240  years  ago.  To  preserve  it,  we  must  remember  that  our  faith,  race,  or  political  party  is  not  what  unites  us.  What  unites  us  is  that  we  are  Americans.  I  would encourage members of this body, and  everyone  at  home,  to  remember  that simple truth.

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