To the editor,

It has cost the taxpayers of Fulton around $195,000 to have a council and mayor that are still in training.

The latest example of their inexperience came about because the mayor and council failed to follow the rules of Executive Order 202.1 issued almost a year and a half ago. It relates to virtual public meetings of an elected body, and they did not follow it on June 15.

The learning phase should only apply for the first month on the job. There is about 26 years of experience on the council between the three senior members and the city clerk.

It is very fortunate that at the meeting June 15 someone questioned the legality of the meeting because of the lack of a quorum present. If the question hadn’t come up, the actions would have gone forward. Anyone that these actions affected could file an Article 78 action against the city, costing the taxpayers more money for a council and mayor that are still learning.

Forgiveness for lack of knowledge ends when you start getting paid for a job you have chosen and were elected into. At that point, you are required to know. If not, you are required to find the correct actions to be taken before you take them.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


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