To the editor,

Regarding the Oct. 16, 2020, letter to the editor from Ronald Patrick titled “Presidential choice is easy.” I would like to thank him for an excellent letter. I agree with everything he wrote.

Since 2016 I have, along with a lot of other people, heard one lie after another lie. And how could you forget his sewer language. President Donald Trump’s leadership is a complete zero. He never stops talking and when he does, he has said nothing. He is never to blame for anything, it is always some else he will blame. He is a complete zero when it comes to being a leader.

No one knows if Joe Biden will be a good president. But ask yourself this. Could it be any worse than the swamp we have in Washington now?

Let’s get Trump to pack up and get out. The people on Election Day can send Trump on his way out the door.

Edward Peters


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