To the editor,

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the internet was woven into the fabric of our everyday life. Since the outbreak, it has become even more vital. Over the coming months, while Oswego County makes key decisions on how to recover economically from the pandemic and grow our community, we’ll be faced with many big decisions, including how to improve broadband service and access.

As former County Administrator, Oswego County County Legislator, Chair of the Oswego County IDA, and official at SUNY Oswego, I’ve seen the difference having adequate internet access can make in attracting businesses educating our children and living our daily lives.

Many of us take high-speed broadband for granted, however, there are areas right here in Oswego County that are very underserviced in terms of broadband infrastructure. This makes attracting new business more difficult; and in today’s day and age of telecommuting and telemedicine it makes living in these areas more challenging. Personally, we struggle with internet issues in our home in New Haven.

The American Rescue Plan contains billions of dollars to support local broadband expansion, and as those funds make their way to Oswego County, I would urge our leaders to consider fiber as the solution to build our broadband infrastructure.

Fiber provides a better value than fixed wireless, copper, or cable. Fiber has no maintenance costs, has a lower 30-year cost of ownership, and, because its capacity is limitless, it won’t need to be replaced in the future.

Equally as important, fiber is less susceptible to performance deterioration due to usage, distance, or climate conditions. Given our harsh winters and the storms that come in off Lake Ontario, we should invest in the technology that has the fewest outages and downtimes.

As we expand internet access, let’s use the best technology available.


Carolyn A. Rush


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It's hard to believe that the Internet is only 25, or so. High speed, even younger. Therefore, Modern Society is very young, indeed. Too bad about all that myopia, phone addiction, gaming, obesity and just overall bad shite from too much time looking at screens. And it's only going to get better (or worse, depending on who you listen to).

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