To the editor,

On behalf of the Concert in the Park volunteers and sponsors, I would like to thank all performers: Larry Kyle and Dam Dog, Carol Fox and the Fulton Community Band, and the 10th Mountain Division Band for their great performances on Sunday, July 21, in Hannibal. The performances were well attended and all were treated to a great day. We appreciate the way the community responded and all of the participation from local Churches, Friends of the Library and The Hannibal American Legion, for the food and drink provided to the musical performers and the audience.

This concert was sponsored in various ways by The Village of Hannibal, The Town of Hannibal, The Hannibal Historical Society, and The Hannibal American Legion. The great facility was provided by the Hannibal Fire Department. We are grateful for the volunteers who made this a successful and relaxing day.

As you have seen, this was our 27th Concert in the Park. These concerts are dedicated to Louise Kellogg who coordinated them for many years. She developed them into an enjoyable community event. For this reason the concerts have become known as the Louise Kellogg Concert in the Park.

Many musicians have shared their talents with the community and many volunteers have added to the success of the event over the years. It has become a great tradition. We hope to keep it going in future years.

Any suggestions for improvement of the event would be welcome. Please submit your ideas by calling Joe Caruana at 315-591-3118.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Joe Caruana


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