GOP Chair Langworthy: Why Elise Stefanik scares the left

New York Republican Chair Nick Langworthy is seen above at right with President Donald Trump. The Buffalo party leader says U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is the right type of leader to lead a GOP focused on appealing to more voters.

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik for several years now, along with having a front-row seat to watching her grow from a first-time candidate for public office into the leader she is today. I can say with full confidence that she is exactly the person we need to help retake the House majority and grow our Republican Party.

Stefanik’s meteoric rise as a Republican star on the national stage is driven purely by skill and mettle. It was of no surprise to those of us here in New York who know her best. But the media and the political pundits who are in overdrive to make this leadership fight solely about the 2020 election are living in the past. The rest of us are focusing on the future, which is exactly what she represents.

There is no question that today’s Republican Party has been transformed under President Donald Trump. He re-established our party as champions of the working class, ushering in the America First agenda that concluded the costly policies of free trade and endless wars. It was a marked and dramatic shift from the policies of the Bush-Cheney era, and attracted millions of new voters to the Republican Party.

There isn’t a Republican I speak to from Madison Avenue to the streets of Buffalo who doesn’t recognize that as a tremendous accomplishment deserving of the utmost protection.

Elise brings to the table a unique ability to bring together all facets of the Republican Party and connect with voters from all walks of life. She is a millennial woman who comes from a small business family in rural upstate New York, earned a degree from Harvard and has shrewdly navigated the choppy waters of both Washington and New York politics. She is an effective communicator and the battle-tested leader we need as we face the greatest fight of my lifetime: stopping the radical left from transforming America.

However, this is about much more than ideology, it’s about action. Elise is a team player who puts her money where her mouth is to help grow the Republican Party. Most politicians, when confronted with newfound notoriety and fame, use it to bolster themselves. Elise harnessed it to help elect more Republican women.

In 2018, Stefanik successfully recruited more than 100 women nationwide to run for Congress, a record-breaking number. She then launched her hugely successful E-PAC, supporting 228 female congressional candidates in the 2020 cycle and helped increase the number of Republican women serving in Congress from 13 to 35.

In addition to crushing her own re-election with nearly 60 percent of the vote and helping elect more women across the country, she also never forgot her own backyard and supported down-ballot candidates in her district and across New York. She has deftly taken on powerful political adversaries, such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and helped expose him on the national stage for his numerous scandals involving corruption and abuse. The left has spent millions trying to stop her to no avail.

Those are exactly the qualities we need in our Republican leadership ranks right now. She comes to the table with the energy, vigor and passion that are prerequisites for success. When she sees a void, she works to fill it — no questions asked. She produces results. Now, we need her to take on her greatest challenge yet, which is to help ensure that Republicans retake the House majority in 2022 and Nancy Pelosi is retired as Speaker. The future of our party, and our nation is on the line.

Nick Langworthy is the chairman of the New York Republican Party. Elected at 39 years old, he is the youngest-serving state chairman in New York’s history. Read his 2019 interview with The Palladium-Times here.

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Isn't this the same representative who spread a variety of false conspiracy theories after the election? Didn't she also get reprimanded for the number of false statements she made after the 2021 Capitol Siege?

If this is the direction that the Republican Party wants to go, please do it. The Republicans are dividing themselves up really nicely into two groups: those who have accepted reality and those who are propagating the Big Lie. The infighting within their organization is more than welcomed.

Now that it has been further established that the Republican Party has no basis in reality, President Biden and the Democrats should continue to push bills that benefit the American People, with or without Republican support. The Right has no interest in doing any good for the American People and would rather argue about nonsense than work with the Democrats. We know this is true because Mitch McConnell stated on air, "One-hundred percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration" (May 5th, 2021).

I hope that we can keep the momentum going and keep a Democratic majority well into the future.


It's unquestionably true that Stefanik brings together certain segments of the Republican Party.Those segments who rally around and adore a gutless self-serving coward and crybaby who has a fifty year history of cheating anyone and everyone who ever trusted him and who has never been caught NOT

Think I'm wrong?

Ask the writer how much he's lent Trump out of HS OWN MONEY.


As a member of "the Left," let me state categorically that we are not scared of Elise Stefanik. We recognize her as the corporate servant that she is, handpicked by large corporations to plant herself in upstate New York, seize a Congressional district, accumulate votes from rabid right-wing pro-Trump white people, and pursue the policy agenda of the 1%. On the contrary, the Left welcomes the GOP elevating yet another devotee of billionaire corporate oligarchy, apartheid Israel, permanent US war and empire in the Middle East, environmental catastrophe, and fascist policies across the board. This will hasten the GOP's inevitable implosion.


Does anyone else get the impression from the picture that Nick is just a puppet and Trump is pulling his strings? ["DJT: "Say 'Hi! Nick' ". GOP Chair NL; "Hi! Nick."] Can anybody tell where Trump's other hand is? Is it possible that Trump and Nick were never photographed together and this is just a GOP Photoshop fake? Mr. Langworthy, can you clear this up? Today? When was this photograph of "you and Trump together" taken, and why?

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