To the editor,

Once again, another school year is in its final months and the annual budget newsletters have been mailed by school districts imploring voters to vote “Yes” and pass the budget. For the past few months, as a taxpayer in both the Oswego City and Fulton City School Districts, I have followed both budgeting processes closely and used it as an opportunity to gauge both the strategic direction of the school districts as well as adherence to a budgeting process that follows sound operating principles.

In this regard, the Fulton City School District (FCSD) Board and Administrative Leadership needs to be commended.

The process followed by the FCSD was clear, communicative, and involved multiple opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

I was impressed with the multitude of budget documents available on the FCSD website that provided a clear understanding of financial, operational, and educational trends within the district as well as an outline of the step-by-step process that the Board would follow in developing the overall budget. FCSD also did an impressive job of gathering community feedback and using this information as input into their budgeting process.

Finally, the budget presentations and budget newsletters clearly communicated how the budget supports both the overall educational goals of the district as well as alignment with the overall five-year strategic plan.

Whether you choose to vote “Yes” or “No” to the budget is up to you, but it is gratifying to see FCSD took the budgeting process seriously and provided more than enough information for voters to make an informed decision.

Thank you FCSD Board and Administration.

Neelesh Shah


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