To the editor,

I love that we have a new mayor but there are things in the city of Fulton that need to change.

North Bay Campgrounds could be a nice family camp but they need to clean house. We had our reservations changed three time and the last time we were lied to. I was told an hour before we were to leave for camp (I made the reservation two weeks in advance and picked the site we wanted) the guy had an emergency and couldn’t move his camper off our site. We took the only sites they had. The gravel wasn’t raked, there wasn’t a picnic table. We paid $100 to be on a site that wasn’t what we wanted.

There was a huge party on the site in the back and someone posted the video on Facebook. The next morning, the video was removed from Facebook. So who was in the videos that shouldn’t be seen? It was a personal page so it makes me wonder.

You have to post the “rules” in the window of your camper but then they won’t enforce the rules. We have seen people drinking on their golf carts and when a seasonal camper complained (because their grandchild was in danger) the seasonal camper was asked to leave instead of the person who was drinking.

It is very sad that we have a place close to home to camp and relax, but the way it’s run left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ve reported these things to the person in charge and it doesn’t seem like anything

Jo Baker


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The campground and management have had it's ups and downs. It seems that when there becomes a level of comfortably working there, the power goes to their head. The parks and recreation director retired leaving a Parks maintenance supervisor in charge of the campground manager. This allowed for liberities to be taken because the maintenance supervisor had children who wrestled with the campground managers kids. This lead to no oversight during covid. There were different campers that acted poorly but only a few were chosen out. Nobody won, the campground, the city, the campers, the staff, and the Mayor all looked bad because of bad behavior, lies, and deceit came from all involved!


This year was my first time camping at North Bay. On May 14th I spoke with the manager (for the first time ever) regarding a seasonal site. I found her to be very professional and decided to camp there. Due to covid restrictions no visitors were allowed,but I was able to pay an extra $800.00 for 4 extra adults above your allotted 2 on your registration. From the beginning it angered some seasonal campers that I was afforded company and they were not. The also had the option to add people for $200.00 per person,but chose not to. These same seasonal campers that had been there for quite a few years instead chose to bully other campers,and I am not one to be bullied. I paid $1790.00 to the city of Fulton my registered guests,and the others paid $850.00.These long time campers considered the manager a "friend" as she has been the manager for 5 years. An incident on July 4th escalated to the threat of physical violence and a belligerent adult male screaming obscenities in my face in front of MANY campers and children. The man's wife in turn called the female Campground manager to return as she could not control her husband. Subsequently on July 7th the manager had no choice but to react with a final written warning for all parties involved. I myself was given 1 as I set off fireworks and was specifically told they were not allowed. I signed my warning as I broke the rules and was wrong. The other parties chose to not accept it as they were supposed to be the managers friend,and instead chose to begin harassing the manager to the point that police reports had to be made,and they were subsequently evicted.I believe this is the origin of ALL this negativity this page. This article was shared by my friend and she tagged the North Bay facebook page which generated 135 positive comments from 27 different campers and their experiences. The mayor of the city of Fulton in turn shut the North Bay page down removing years of campers memories they have made there. The mayor has spent little to no time there,let alone allocated any funding for improvements.I was told myself by Doug Chapman (the alderman for North Bay ward) that those people have been a problem since 2015 and they are evicted,never to return. I have known Val Gates for 4.5 months now,and consider her a friend(as other campers do).I have made many new friends this year that will last a lifetime and for that....I AM WINNING.


It seems ladyluck had a part in whatever happened beyond known. I know the Mayor is working to make the campgrounds safe and respectable. To sai I am winning seems that the commentor is starting issues to control or gain favor. For an alderman to discuss unverified accusations is irresponsible. There has never been actions like the ones this summer until this year. Being in the cluster of seasonal sites we tend to be family. I never heard of anything even with the outer seasonal sites. It was like covud fever made people act differently.


I mean no disrespect when I say I am winning. Gaining friends like the ones I have met this year makes me a winner all day long . myself and the friends I met drank beer and sang songs around a campfire at a respectable volume and time at a Campground.

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