To the editor,

The Fulton Common Council and the mayor have pulled a fast one on the public.

At a Nov. 19 meeting, a motion to change the city charter did not get a second therefore it failed.

There was a motion to table it until Dec. 3 after wording was to be changed and also after an advertised public hearing was to be held.

Well guess what? The mayor called a special meeting on Wednesday (less than 24 hours after the Tuesday meeting) of the Common Council. In that meeting, the same motion was brought forward and passed as-is by the Common Council.

This is against the Open Meetings law. The Common Council and the mayor are in violation and what action has to be taken to file a Article 78 filling is in the works.

Sad that this is the last action by our mayor and Common council for 2019.

One never knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Call City Hall and express your feelings on this matter also call your common councilor and let them know how you feel.

Frank Castiglia Jr.

Oswego County Legislator

District 25, Fulton

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