To the editor:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, although every month we should be aware of our own mental health.

Mental health is real. '”Clean and clear” mental health is so important to our daily function as a person. For those who ignore you or don’t listen to your cries for help – continue to be vocal.

Please do not let the stigma of mental health wane your cry for help. We can only heal through one another, we heal by learning, and we heal by sharing stories and telling of our experiences. Clean mental health is what we all strive for in everyday life. There is absolutely no need for embarrassment or shame.

When we see our brother or sister struggling with a mental health concern, reach out to them, don’t ignore them or say “I wish you well.” Be an active participant to stabilize your fellow human being. We cannot always “step back and smell the roses” especially if we don’t understand why or where the roses are or aren’t. We must encourage one another to talk about ending the stigma associated with talking about clean mental health. We, as a people, should know better than to ignore or walk on by when one of our own is need.

Let us pray, as a people, that we all want clean mental health and when one of us is need – we are there for one another. Let us all be more informative and more progressive when it comes to demanding clean mental health and knowing that talking about mental health concerns is worth taking time for. Be vocal, be aware. We might save more lives if we just take the time to listen and give our time, our love.

Thank you for your time,

Allison J. Anesko


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