To the editor,

The letter published Wednesday from National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Greg Biryla is short sighted.  (‘New York Businesses can’t afford another shutdown’ Nov. 18, 2020).

Businesses are severely impacted by what is occurring, as is the general public.   Advising the state that businesses must be allowed to operate regardless of public health concerns (including those who work in and purchase from those businesses) doesn’t address or solve the issue and may in fact compound the problem.  

This pandemic has dragged on for ten months because of inadequate preparation and a severely lacking response.  The questions to ask are beyond whether our businesses will be shut down again.  NFIB should be asking what is being done at a state and federal level to provide businesses relief for any and all necessary decisions going forward.  We should all be asking for the long term response plan being used to mitigate the current levels of infection rate and death rate, as well as the multiple pandemic related health care shortages.  

We should be asking how state and federal legislators intend to reduce the overall financial impact of this pandemic on both businesses and people.  There are plenty of long term macroeconomic arguments to support taking any number of actions.  We should also be asking what will be done to prevent a repeat of this situation when the next pathogen starts to become a concern.

 To date there has been no coherent plan, limited legislative response and entirely too much political posturing at the expense of the public.  Partisan politicians and their lobbyists are literally killing us.

Brian England


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