To the editor,

You walk into the factory for the fifth day in a row, you look at the schedule and see they made it another six-day week. It has been this way for months. The world shut down, yet you have been working harder than ever. New people come in every couple of days but most quit after the first week. Everyone thinks it will be an easy job but, you actually have to lift heavy boxes all day. The soles of your shoes have holes, you walk on concrete all day, your shifts are getting longer and longer.

You are shipping everyone’s Christmas presents, birthday gifts, groceries, pet food and even the covid-19 vaccine. Yet everywhere you look people are complaining that their package is not on time. Little do they realize that the world is shipping everything right now. You have been working insane hours during a pandemic. Spending more time at the warehouse than you do at home. This is a job most people do not want to do. It is hard work that never seems to end. Tomorrow there will be more trucks with even more packages.

To make things worse you are working during a pandemic. You try to wash your hands as much as possible, you wear a mask, try to do everything you can to make everyone safe. If someone contracts covid-19 you hope they were in a different section. You just keep working because the world needs you to keep pushing.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and the world will be normal again. We all have to band together and keep pushing on. Just remember that everyone is doing the best they can. The next time you see someone delivering your package just tell them thank you. I promise it will make their day.

Alexis Bowering


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