To the editor,

I recently received a letter from Assemblyman Will Barclay asking me to consider voting for him. The letter states that from the day he was sworn in, he never lost the feeling of pride and responsibility that comes from serving in his hometown community. He states that he and his staff have always done whatever they could to make government work for us, to cut through red tape and solve problems that require a little extra care and attention.

A group of residents of the village of Pulaski held a community forum on Oct. 15, 2019 to talk about lack of safe, accessible, and affordable transportation in rural areas of Oswego County. In the village of Pulaski, a particular concern was seniors living at Springbrook Apartments who receive Medicare and can not get to the Pulaski Health Center that is just three-tenths of a mile away.

I sent a notice of this meeting to Assemblyman Barclay’s office in Fulton.

On Nov. 14, 2019, a small group of Pulaski residents spoke at the Oswego County Legislature meeting about the lack of rural transportation hoping to create awareness and looking for solutions. On Jan. 14, 2020, I sent a packet of the materials that were presented at the county meeting to the Assemblyman’s office asking if the office could assist in this effort?

On Feb. 12, 2020, I sent another letter enclosing a public notice about a Feb. 25 meeting at Pulaski’s Barclay Courthouse regarding rural transportation asking if someone from the office might attend? After receiving a voicemail from a staff member leaving just his name and phone number from Assemblyman Barclay’s Fulton office, I sent a letter dated March 1, 2020, asking if the Assemblyman could write a statement of support for his monthly column that runs in the OswegoCountyNewsNow paper. I also asked if the office could send a Letter of Support for grant writing in the future and asked to keep our efforts and concerns in mind. Never heard back.

On May 16, 2019, Ambassador Douglas Barclay and family were Honorary Co-Chairs for the 50th Gala Anniversary celebrating the Pulaski / Connex Care Health Center in the Village of Pulaski. The Barclay’s are eight generations in Pulaski.

I wonder why the Assemblyman did not think the lack of transportation was not his responsibility or worth helping to make government work for us?

Yet Minority Leader Will Barclay, being among the highest-paid state Legislators in the country, signed on with 11 Republican lawmakers in New York state challenging the limit “on outside income they can make”. Currently, they could not earn more than 15 percent of their salary in income from other sources. The Assemblymen received pay raises from $79,500 to $130,00 by 2021. Assemblyman Barclay makes between $96,000 and $155,000 as a partner in a personal law firm as well as sitting on the boards of Pathfinder Bank and Countryway Insurance.

So much for extra care and attention for us. No, Mr. Barclay, I will not vote for you.

Martha Marshall


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