To the editor,

Recently many have read in the papers how the Fulton Common Council voted to drain Sharps Pond at Rowlee Beach, making statements that we had no options or statements about how the dam had deteriorated over the years and fallen into disrepair.

I say it is the city’s fault this happened, nobody else’s. Therefore the city leaders must find the means to repair and improve on a piece of Fulton history.

Used as a place to gather ice in the time before home refrigerators, an ice-skating place, a swimming spot before pools, a place for fishing derbies, and place that many a child learned to swim and learned to fish and go frog hunting.

As of late I have posted statements and pictures on social media regarding this issue. I have seen many responses of displeasure about the draining of the pond. Also, many memories of fond times at the pond and the pool.

I’m asking everyone to attend a Common Council meeting and let your voices be heard. Numbers do mean something, the more to speak out the better chance we have to save one of the last pieces of Fulton history.

Call your common councilor and let him know about your feelings. If they tell you, “I was against this,” then ask them, “why did you vote for it?”

When they tell you “because of the costs,” tell them you have no problem bonding for equipment that has a life span of maybe five to six years and brings no payback with it.

Bond for the fixing of the dam and then go for a grant to upgrade the beach area to make it into a picnic area and family gathering place.  Bonding for the repair to the dam and a grant for the upgrades will give the city a return on it’s investment.

There are grants out there just for that. The pond will be used by many more people of Fulton and visitors than a river walking trail will be if properly promoted.

If the current leaders refuse to listen, then: IT’S TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP NOT THE POND!

Frank Castiglia Jr.


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